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March 18 2015


August 23 2014

Oh, that's weird. I thought it was brilliant ending!

And, would you really blame Korra for trying to protect the Air Nomads? In case you've missed it, she was also poisoned, and tried to fight it. She was battling with her own mind, and she decided to sacrifice herself, and possibly the Spirit of Avatar to protect other people. Did you really thought she would win and everything would be hunky-dory? No sensible person would. It's like saying Aang sucked at being avatar because by the end of book 2 he let the Fire nation, or rather four Fire nation people conquer Ba Sing Se. Sometimes you have to sacrifice something.

Zaheer being able to fly (again, in case you've missed the entire season) was foreshadowed before - in the first or second episode, when he meditated in his prison cell. So, it is nothing unbelievable or impossible. Every bending has some powerful techniques: metal, lightning, magma, blood bending, and in this Book we've finally seen two powerful airbending moves: flight and the breath bending. 

And, okay, if Zaheer's "flying" apparently bothers you so much, then I will give you a clue: THIS SHOW CONTAINED FLYING BISON. Bison! From literally the first episode, "The boy in the iceberg" we have seen the most powerful technique, used by - oh, what a surprise - the original Airbending masters. So, yeah, go complain about that.

Are you disappointed? I honestly wonder why. Every season of this great adventure so far taught us something more about this world, and this Book is not different. Are you let down by the fact that Korra lost and almost got killed? Well, tough shit, life isn't perfect. What I saw is that Korra had friends, amazing friends that helped her. And, isn't that a point of this show? To teach us something? I've seen people complaining about the fact that Korra isn't that legendary, as the title might seem. Well, that only shows how close minded people are. We are used to think about heroes and their mano-y-mano fights with "the bad guys", as the building blocks of history. I say: bullcrap. That is not how history works. You don't always win, bad guys don't always lose, and sometimes, just sometimes, you need help to write your legend.    

I bet you were also one the people who complained about Korra's spirit fighting the Dark Avatar by the end of book 2, even though this motiff is taken from hindu religion (I will have to find a source on that, I'm almost sure I've read Bryke telling about this). Or maybe you were concerned about Jinora's help during that fight? Again, people complained about this, forgetting that her connection with spirits were shown, again, from almost first episode.

And the fact you don't know if they will make another Book, even though Bryke already said that they are working on it, shows one thing: you have no idea what show you are watching. You made no effort to learn about it, its influences and its meaning.

In other words,
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August 11 2014

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yeah, honey, it's not exactly like that.
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August 10 2014

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