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Tutorial: How to make your own menu on Soup bar

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TL;DR version: Copy this into yours soup description and use some common sense.

Disclaimer: I am by no means html/css expert. I just happen to use the function "inspect selected element" quite a lot. Your computer may spontaneously combust after doing this.

So, you want to make your own menu, so your readers can browse through your favourite sites, tags, or others? Here's a tutorial for you:

1) Open yours Soup edit mode:

2) Go to your soup's description. Normally, you'd type there some info about you, your hobbys, or who your favourite pony is.

However, you can also type things in html, and you can type things that may appear in any place on the site. Click on the "html" button, and copy and paste this into the description. Click OK

3) Now you have your own menu! You can of course edit it, preferably in some external editor (I prefer Notepad++). You can read the full description with html comments here. Do not copy the comments in /* */ into the description.

4) Done! You have now your own menu.

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